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Golf101 is a site dedicated to helping both amateur and professional golfers alike. Players can learn how to get in touch with the knowledge and experience they need to improve the most important element of golf their own unique “inner game” Coaches will learn how to maximize the return from their golfing business with great advice and step by step guides from coaches who have trodden their path and come through the other side!

Inner Game Development Series

Lower your golf scores and better your golfing performance without having to swing a club! This series will help you develop your inner game to overcome your golfing demons and shoot better numbers.

Golf Business Development Series

Grow your golf business and improve business performance with our tried and tested golf business development series! This series will help you sell, manage your finances, market and structure your products in ways that are conducive to growth!

Alisdair Currie - PGA Professional Brampton Park Golf Club

“Before starting to work with Bevis i knew there was more to golf than just how we swing the club or hit the ball. The key was finding out how to apply this and Bevis has been a great help in not only the playing but also the coaching of golf. His ideas have been very beneficial in helping to understand how and why we play golf the way we do and what we can do to improve. Thank you for your help so far and i look forward to continuing the progress”.

Matthew Tipper

“As a golf coach I am part of a what I call “The Wheel” everything revolves around the centre of the wheel which is the player. I am part of the process. What I realised also is that I needed my own wheel,where I was the centre. Bevis showed me this,and what I have achieved in the short time we have been working together is mind blowing.  Do yourself a favour,become the centre of your wheel, allow Bevis to be part of it and watch how you grow.”